End Times Events


The day of our Lord's coming is very soon! Some of you here to visit this site might be waiting for Jesus for many years already. Choo Thomas heard the Lord that only pure and obedient brides will get raptured. So it is time to repent everyday and surrender all to Jesus!

7 Seals Revelation

There are 7 seals judgment in the book of Revelation. For the first seal to fourth seal, there are 4 horse riders. They are archangels. Once these archangels come from heaven, they still execute God's missions and God's judgments. 

How to Prepare for the coming of the Messiah!

We are currently waiting for sixth seal events which are great earthquake, asteroid impact and blood moon. We are in the time of blood moon. So earthquake and astoid hitting come quickly.

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Waiting for Jesus is not enough! 

Your Wedding Clothes as a Bride of Jesus is Ready or Cleaned?

New page was updated which is how to prepare the coming of the Messiah. Jesus is coming soon! We must be prepared what he wants to be, not our way. Dr JT Lee shows you seven steps to prepare.

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How to Prepare the coming of the Messiah!

The time of Jesus coming for the rapture is getting closer!

Jesus is coming soon! We must ready for the coming of the Messiah! We need the garment of Salvation and the robe of the righteousness. And those robes be maintain without stain or wrinkle.

Earthquake, Asteroid and Tsunami

In Matthew Chapter 25, there were 10 virgins who are waiting for the groom(Jesus). They were waiting for Jesus but only 5 wise virgin could go the wedding. Waiting for Jesus is not enough! In Matthew 22, a man who went to the wedding got kicked out by the King(Father God) because he didn't have wedding dress. 

In order to go to the wedding of the Lamb(rapture), we need the wedding clothes.