New Shemitah Year:

from Sep 25, 2014

to Sep 13, 2015

Recent history of Shemitah

Shemitah + Blood Moon

Then what will happen during this new Shemitah year? Something is coming that impacts to economy. This year Shemitah is overlapping with the blood moons tetrad. 

I believe that God wants us to show that something is coming. In year 2015, Jubilee will start which is 50th year celebration. Nobody know the day and hour. But we are getting closer! Be ready for the coming Messiah!

End Times Events


The last Shemitah (7 years ago) was in 2007/2008. As we know, there was subprime mortgage crisis at that time. The Shemitah before the last Shemitah which was 14 years ago was in 2000/2001. As we know, there was 911 at that time. This Shemitah was related the Great Depression in 1930 and so many economic crisis or stock market falls during the Shemitah year in the past.


The Shemitah is the sabbath year also called sabbatical year which is the seventh year. It is written in Exodus 23:10-11, Leviticus 25:4 and so many others in the Old Testament about sabbath year. 

The Shemitah is started on September 25, 2014 and lasted until September 13, 2015. So we are in the 7th year.