End Times Events


Seven Seals in the Book of Revelation 

1st Seal to 7th Seal Revelation


When the first seal open, the white horse rider appeared. Traditionally, the white horse rider was interpreted as the Antichrist. This horse rider can not be the Antichrist.  The word "conquering" in Greek is νικῶν (nikōn) which meaning is overcome. There is seven times of using this word, νικῶν (nikōn) in the book of Revelation. In Rev 21:7, "he who overcomes shall inherit all things." The better translation is overcome here in Rev 6:2. The Antichrist can not overcome. Because so many people consider this white horse man as the Antichrist, KJV and NIV interpreted as "conquering" instead of overcome. But the real meaning is overcoming. So the white horse rider can not be a Antichrist because the Antichrist can not overcome. The all four horse riders are the Archangels. This Archangel of the white horse rider made saints to be ready for the rapture of the church. 

When second seal opened, red horse rider appeared and he took peace away from the earth. That's why there is so many hatred nowadays individually and so many wars globally.

The third seal, the black horse rider is an archangel to bring the economic crisis. I believe the subprime mortgage crisis in 2007 was done by this black horse rider.

​The fourth seal opened, the power was given to demons over a fourth of the earth. A fourth of the earth is the area from north Africa to Pakistan. This area is 1/4 of the earth where Muslims live predominantly. God give this area into the demons hands. That's why so many horrible things happens in this area. When ISIS kills Christians over there, that is sign of the end times. It it time to surrender all to Jesus. Because so many Christians become martyred, next seal(5th seal) is related to these martyrs.

The fifth seal opened, the martyrs who died for Christ ask God to have judgment on the earth. This is a proof that the wedding of the Lamb has not started yet at this time. If the wedding of the Lamb started, they should have gone to there.

​For the sixth seal events, please look at this page. Six Seal Events

After 6th seal events of great earthquake, Asteroid and pole shift, many people will die. There will be also great revival going on this world. Shortly after this, Jesus coming for the rapture of the church which is 7th seal event. 

When the seventh seal opens, the heaven is silence for about half an hour. The heaven is silence because the entire saints from heaven come to air for the rapture of the church. Also millions of angels come out of heaven for this event. That's why heaven is silence. During the time of half an hour, Jesus is coming for the rapture of the church. 

Jesus is coming soon! It is time to do daily repentance and surrender all to Jesus!

After 7th seal is opened, the rapture of the church occurs. Then great tribulation will be started. During the 1st seal to 7th seal, great tribulation can not be started because Jesus himself has to open the seal one by one. After all seven seals are opened, Jesus is not involved in judgment anymore because Jesus is in the wedding of the Lamb after that. 

We live in the end times. We are waiting for the 6th seal events. That means that 1st seal to 5th seals events was done alreday or have been done currently. Many people have been seeing the vision of 4 horse riders. This video summarize the 1st seal to 7th seal events. When the 7th seal opens, the heaven is silent for about half an hour. That is time for the rapture of the church. That was what Pastor Hyun Sook Na saw in the museum in heaven.